In The Fire Light: Regency Sarcophagus Hob Grate

A rare Regency Sarcophagus cast iron hob grate often referred to as a Bullock grate after the furniture maker George Bullock. Decorated with lion paw feet front and back and Anthymion decoration to front. English, circa 1820.

The role of a firegrate in an open fireplace is threefold:

On the practical side, it helps contain the solid fuel used, be coal or logs, preventing them from spilling out onto the hearth. They can also be adapted to hold gas fuel burner

A grate also provides air flow from underneath the logs, which does tend to burn the wood more quickly, but does provide a large flame picture in the process. 

A grate can enhance the appearance of a fireplace significantly. Cast iron is a material that works nicely in this situation as you can have many varied shapes & designs can easily be cast. Cast iron is a very practical material for a fireplace grate, as it takes the high temperatures generated in these fireplaces that can quickly burn out a lessor steel design As cast grate enhances the appearance of a fireplace even when it is not burning, hiding and containing what would be a pile of ash. 

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