Fireplace Accessories

Thornhill Galleries holds an extensive selection of fine antique fireplaces and accessories to complement any antique fireplace. In addition to our antique selection, we also carry a wide range of quality reproduction pieces, all of which can be viewed online. Our collection includes firegrates and baskets, firedogs and andirons, register grates and hob grates, fire tools, firescreens, a wide range of fenders, coal and log buckets, and cast iron firebacks. These accessories are available in a broad range of materials, including brass, steel, cast iron, bronze, copper and gunmetal and sit perfectly alongside our collection of impressive marble, wood and stone antique fireplaces. If you have any questions about our collection of antique fireplace accessories, please do not hesitate to phone or email us.

Should you have any questions about a specific item within the collection we will be happy to help. Whether you are a private client, interior designer, architect or builder, we can advise you on selecting the right fireplace accessory for your chosen design of fireplace and interior scheme. Thornhill Galleries can also customise many of the accessories we hold, tailoring individual pieces to meet your specific size or finish requirements.