An English fireplace in the Art Deco style
Stock No: 4511
£7,500 + VAT
An architectural fireplace in Ancaster stone
Stock No: A013-AS
£6,800 + VAT
An English fireplace of architectural form
Stock No: A032-IA
£5,950 + VAT
An architectural fireplace in Breche Violette marble
Stock No: B017-BV
£17,500 + VAT
A pair of English polished steel firedogs
Stock No: RFD004-A
£1,950 + VAT
A linear iron firegrate with antique finish
Stock No: RFG013-ATQ
£2,250 + VAT
A polished steel firebasket
Stock No: RFG058-A
£2,800 + VAT
A polished firegrate of simple form
Stock No: RFG059-A
£1,600 + VAT
A simple polished steel firegrate of small scale
Stock No: RFG060-A
£2,500 + VAT
A French limestone fireplace in the Louis XIV style
Stock No: 4526
£8,500 + VAT
An English firegrate in the Regency style
Stock No: RG171
£4,500 + VAT
A polished steel firegrate in the Georgian style
Stock No: FG1502
£2,750 + VAT
A brass and steel firegrate in the Georgian manner
Stock No: FG1501
£4,750 + VAT
A late Regency Statuary white marble fireplace
Stock No: 4522
A brass and iron Rococo firegrate
Stock No: FG1497
£4,250 + VAT
A brass and steel firegrate
Stock No: FG1496
£3,500 + VAT
An imposing architectural black marble fireplace
Stock No: 4477
£9,500 + VAT
A polished cast iron urn firegrate in the Regency style
Stock No: FG1493
£3,750 + VAT
A burnished cast iron register grate
Stock No: RG168
£4,250 + VAT
A polished steel Georgian firegrate
Stock No: FG1491
£4,800 + VAT
A white marble bullseye fireplace
Stock No: 4510
£2,950 + VAT
A good quality Georgian wood fireplace
Stock No: 4517
£16,000 + VAT
A French Louis XVI style fireplace in Statuary white marble
Stock No: 4514
£15,000 + VAT
A French marble fireplace in Ribbon Campan marble
Stock No: 4509
A bolection fireplace in a light coloured limestone
Stock No: 4508
A period French Louis XIV limestone fireplace
Stock No: 4506
£14,000 + VAT
A Belgian Fossil marble fireplace in the Regency manner
Stock No: 4505
£8,500 + VAT
An attractive Rococo brass and steel fire grate
Stock No: FG1486
£3,250 + VAT
A  pair of cast iron firedogs with brass embellishments
Stock No: FD768
£4,950 + VAT
A brass and steel firegrate
Stock No: FG1483
£2,400 + VAT
A pair of rustic firedogs
Stock No: FD765
£2,150 + VAT
A Statuary white marble fireplace in the Louis XVI style
Stock No: 4502
£16,000 + VAT
A pair of wrought iron firedogs
Stock No: FD762
£2,200 + VAT
A bolection fireplace in Pavonazzo marble
Stock No: 4497
£14,000 + VAT
A Georgian style polished steel firegrate
Stock No: FG1472
£4,950 + VAT