A rustic French fireplace in Travertine stone
Stock No: F013-T
£3,950 + VAT
A Georgian style fireplace in Bath stone
Stock No: G079-BS
£10,000 + VAT
An elegant carved fireplace in Ancaster stone
Stock No: G101-AS
£3,800 + VAT
A decorative cast iron fireplace insert
Stock No: RG129
£2,500 + VAT
A pair of brass and steel firedogs
Stock No: FD714
£2,950 + VAT
A polished steel firegrate in the Georgian style
Stock No: FG1389
£2,950 + VAT
An Art Deco Chinoisorie painter fireplace
Stock No: 4389
£12,000 + VAT
A simple polished steel firegrate
Stock No: FG1388
£1,250 + VAT
A polished steel firegrate in the Adam style
Stock No: FG1386
£5,500 + VAT
An architectural fireplace in Arabescato marble
Stock No: 4388
A polished steel firegrate with flame finials
Stock No: FG1385
£4,500 + VAT
A good quality Georgian firegrate
Stock No: FG1384
£6,500 + VAT
A carved wood bolection fireplace
Stock No: 4386
£4,500 + VAT
A period Georgian fireplace in Calacatta Oro marble
Stock No: 4385
A Carrara marble fireplace in the Louis XV manner
Stock No: 4384
£7,500 + VAT
A polished steel firegrate
Stock No: FG1382
£2,500 + VAT
An English stone fireplace in the Gothic manner
Stock No: 4383
A good quality English brass and steel firegrate
Stock No: FG1381
A period Victorian fireplace in Italian Statuary marble
Stock No: 4382
£21,000 + VAT
A carved Statuary marble fireplace
Stock No: 4381
£13,500 + VAT
A small scale rustic French fireplace
Stock No: 4380
£6,500 + VAT
A French Louis XV style fireplace
Stock No: 4379
£7,500 + VAT
A Georgian style pine fireplace
Stock No: 4378
£7,500 + VAT