A black marble Art Deco style fireplace
Stock No: A016-B
£5,800 + VAT
An elegant carved bolection fireplace in Nero Marquina marble
Stock No: B004-NM
£5,800 + VAT
An architectural bolection fireplace
Stock No: B015-T
£3,250 + VAT
An mid-sized English fireplace in white marble
Stock No: G066S-W
A Neo-Classical English fireplace
Stock No: G087-W
£5,200 + VAT
A pair of brass firedogs with ball finials
Stock No: RFD006-B
£1,600 + VAT
An architectural polished steel firegrate
Stock No: RFG028-A
£2,200 + VAT
A simple polished steel firegrate
Stock No: RFG038-A
£2,200 + VAT
A polished steel firegrate with turned uprights
Stock No: RFG051-A
£2,800 + VAT
Stock No: RFS006-B
£1,500 + VAT
A good quality engraved firegrate
Stock No: RFG052-A
£3,500 + VAT
A Statuary and Vert d'Estours green marble fireplace
Stock No: 4370
£14,000 + VAT
An architectural Bath stone fireplace
Stock No: 4362
£4,500 + VAT
A Bath stone bolection fireplace
Stock No: 4361
£3,950 + VAT
A pine and gesso Georgian style fireplace
Stock No: 4360
£7,500 + VAT
A white marble Georgian style fireplace
Stock No: 4359
£8,500 + VAT
A weathered stone fireplace
Stock No: 3902
£7,950 + VAT
A highly decorative Rococo timber fireplace
Stock No: 4358
£14,000 + VAT
An elegant Bath stone fireplace
Stock No: 4356
£8,950 + VAT
A polished steel firegrate with guilloche fret
Stock No: FG1368
£4,500 + VAT
A period Regency stone fireplace
Stock No: 4355
£35,000 + VAT
A Regency style Statuary marble fireplace
Stock No: 4354
£9,500 + VAT
A Breccia Louis XIV/XV transitional fireplace
Stock No: 4357
£35,000 + VAT
A fine quality carved pine fireplace
Stock No: 4353
£10,000 + VAT
A Scottish Kilkenny Marble Chimneypiece
Stock No: 4352
A polished cast iron firebasket
Stock No: FG1366
£4,800 + VAT
A good quality carved Gothic style fireplace
Stock No: 4351
A carved Louis XV style limestone fireplace
Stock No: 4350
£7,500 + VAT
A Statuary marble fireplace with Connemara inlay
Stock No: 4349
£8,950 + VAT
A carved marble fireplace in the Louis XVI manner
Stock No: 4348
£17,000 + VAT
An English Steel Fire Basket
Stock No: FG1365
£4,800 + VAT
A gilt timber eight armed chandelier
Stock No: M039
£5,500 + VAT
An attractive steel and nickel firegrate
Stock No: FG1357
£3,950 + VAT
An elegant brass and steel firegrate
Stock No: FG1356
£4,500 + VAT
A good quality English fire grate in the Georgian manner
Stock No: FG1351
£12,500 + VAT
A carved Bath stone fireplace in the Gothic style
Stock No: 4337
£6,500 + VAT