An English brass fender
Stock No: FEN397
£1,950 + VAT
19th century adjustable French brass fender
Stock No: FEN386
£2,250 + VAT
A brass fender with urn finials
Stock No: FEN385
£1,500 + VAT
Brass Half Round Fender
Stock No: FEN384
£1,500 + VAT
A fine quality polished steel fender
Stock No: FEN377
£2,750 + VAT
A Brass & Steel Nursery Fender
Stock No: FEN379
A polished steel fender in the Georgian style
Stock No: FEN369
£1,950 + VAT
A 19th century nursery fender
Stock No: FEN378
A Georgian style bowed fender
Stock No: FEN365
£2,750 + VAT
A small polished serpentine fender
Stock No: FEN355
£1,250 + VAT
A polished steel pierced fender in the Georgian style
Stock No: FEN349
£1,850 + VAT
An 18th century engraved antique brass fender
Stock No: FEN348
£2,250 + VAT
A pierced polished steel fender
Stock No: FEN340
A large square ended fender in the Georgian style
Stock No: FEN337
£1,950 + VAT
A fine quality english steel fender
Stock No: FEN334
£2,950 + VAT
A shaped English steel fender with foliage and dragons
Stock No: FEN332
£1,950 + VAT
An English pierced steel fender
Stock No: FEN324
£1,750 + VAT
An English bowed steel fender
Stock No: FEN330
£1,500 + VAT
A polished steel fender with rope moulded top bar
Stock No: FEN319
A Decorative pierced brass English fender
Stock No: FEN310
£2,500 + VAT
An English steel serpentine fender
Stock No: FEN307
A fine quality late 18th century brass fender with dragons and foliage
Stock No: FEN306
£3,250 + VAT
A pierced Chippendale style gunmetal fender
Stock No: FEN303
£1,750 + VAT
An English bowed fender in brass and steel
Stock No: FEN176
£1,750 + VAT