A black marble Art Deco style fireplace
Stock No: A016-BL
£5,800 + VAT
A stylish architectural fireplace
Stock No: G067-CB
£7,950 + VAT
An Art Deco Chinoisorie painter fireplace
Stock No: 4389
£12,000 + VAT
A period Victorian fireplace in Italian Statuary marble
Stock No: 4382
A weathered stone fireplace
Stock No: 3902
£7,950 + VAT
An elegant Bath stone fireplace
Stock No: 4356
£8,950 + VAT
An Art Deco marble fireplace
Stock No: 4347
£15,000 + VAT
A period Victorian Carrara marble fireplace
Stock No: 4192
£4,500 + VAT
An Art Deco Japanned/Chinoiserie fireplace
Stock No: 4326
An ornate ceramic Kachelofen stove
Stock No: 4300
£25,000 + VAT
A shabby chic English stone fireplace
Stock No: 4195
£4,500 + VAT
A Victorian fireplace in Bardiglio Forito marble
Stock No: 4194
A period Victorian chimneypiece in Carrara marble
Stock No: 4191
£4,700 + VAT
A period Victorian fireplace in Italian Carrara marble
Stock No: 4190
£4,500 + VAT
A mid 19th century English cast iron fireplace.
Stock No: 4094
£6,250 + VAT
A cast iron fireplace with filigree frieze
Stock No: 4086
£4,500 + VAT
An unusual brass fire surround with delft tiles to insert
Stock No: 4077
£11,000 + VAT
A simple polished cast iron fireplace
Stock No: 4051
£3,500 + VAT
An Art Deco fireplace in Italian Pavonazzo marble
Stock No: 4046
A 19th century iron fireplace with arched opening
Stock No: 4035
£6,250 + VAT
A Carrara and Bardiglio marble fireplace
Stock No: 3807
£8,500 + VAT
A well carved Victorian English Statuary marble fireplace
Stock No: 3751
A 19th century English mahogany fireplace with lacquer finish
Stock No: 3683
£5,950 + VAT
A heavily carved hardwood fireplace with an Oriental influence
Stock No: 3481
£4,500 + VAT
A late 19th / early 20th century English carved wood fireplace
Stock No: 2998
£4,500 + VAT
A refined French Art Nouveau white Statuary marble fireplace
Stock No: 3717
£25,000 + VAT
A 19th century English Victorian Dove Grey marble mantelpiece
Stock No: 2905
Offers Invited
A mid 19th century Victorian architectural reclaimed marble fireplace
Stock No: 2859
£9,500 + VAT