How to choose the right antique fireplace


Are you looking for the right antique fireplace for your home? Here’s a checklist of things to think about during your search. What style of antique fireplace do you like? As a fireplace is such a focal part of the room, it’s so important that you find the right one. There are so many types […]

An antique French fireplace with a fine vintage


For any wine lover, this could be the perfect fireplace. Recently reclaimed from a wine house in Beaune is this petite Louis XVI stone fireplace. The wine capital of Burgundy, Beaune is an ancient town with a rich historical and architectural heritage, with a range of architecture through the medieval, renaissance and later periods. This […]

Using antique wood fireplaces in your home

English Wood close up

Antique wooden fireplaces sit beautifully in a range of settings. Unlike many other materials, wood can be adapted to suit you and your decor, making it the perfect option for those who like to personalise their fire surrounds. A wooden fireplace can be stained or even painted to complement your palette, although the wood itself […]

An Architectural Bath Stone Bolection Fireplace

Bath Stone Fireplace (for website)

Thornhill Galleries is pleased to offer a large and imposing English moulded bolection fireplace in attractive Bath stone. This architectural chimney piece is a fine quality reproduction – the original was housed in the Officer’s mess at Chelsea Barracks, London. The warm, honey coloured Bath stone is contrasted by a honed slate hearth which sits […]

A Taste of Antiquity: 19th Century Parisian Chimneypiece


Thornhill Galleries has just acquired a simple yet elegant early 19th century Parisian fireplace. Originally from a hotel in the French capital, this fireplace is a rare example of Cipollino marble. First used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose Latin term for it was “marmor carystium” (meaning “marble from Karystos“). It was quarried in several […]